Duke Development has found it a pleasure to work with Graybeale Construction on three of our retail shopping centers.  Duke Development chose Graybeale because they came highly recommended and because they were the low bid on our first project.  After completing the first project, we determined the real value of working with Graybeale came from the honest and open nature in which they conduct business. As with most of our construction projects, the general contractor’s scope of work is constantly changing due to tenant needs, inconsistencies between site and architectural plans, weather conditions, budget constraints, etc.  Our contractor of choice must be able to explain why the changes are occurring, offer budget conscious solutions without sacrificing quality, and lastly be candid about mistakes made either on their part of their sub-contractors part, regardless of the expense.  I believe Graybeale continues to be successful in these areas due to the character and work ethic exhibited by their entire staff.