I just wanted to take some time to express my firm’s appreciation for the excellent job in completing our Mechanicsville retail location. It was a relief to have a contractor staying on top of a project, completing it on time and within budget, and holding our headaches to a minimum.

Being that it was your first project for Verizon Wireless, this undoubtedly provided some challenges to your workforce. Your superintendent, Chuck Shelton, and your subcontractors smoothly handled the quirks and idiosynchrasies of interfacing with our corporate vendors. Field changes were also adeptly executed. Everyone’s concern with their work showed in the limited number of items that were noted during the punch-list walk-through. I actually think this was one of the only jobs this year in which my temper was not tested!

Your own efforts to resolve permit and inspection issues, are also appreciated, that allowed our opening to proceed on schedule. And your continuing follow-up on project closeout items has proven equally effective.

In summary, thank you again for an excellent job! Based upon this experience, we would hope to be able to work again soon on other Verizon Wireless projets. All of our best wishes to the crew at Graybeal in their future endeavors.