In July, 2005, we moved into our dental office which we had spent several years planning and designing. Now almost four years later, it is even more evident what a good decision it was to have Graybeale Construction build our office.

Our office is complicated with three levels, 16 treatment rooms with advanced electronics in every room, at least 40 sinks, our own lab, and all the latest advanced in dental equipment.  We had two architects – one in Nebraska who designed the interior and all the dental related areas, and one Richmond who designed the exterior and coordinated all the local compliance issues.

From the beginning to the end things went smoothly.  Even when there were complications — like finding a natural underground spring under the basement — we were able to work through them without a crisis.  When there were unexpected events, Graybeale personnel provided reasonable, affordable alternatives in a calm, reassuring manner.

Our project manager was outstanding. He was always available to answer our questions, to coordinate the work crews, and to make sure hte construction was moving forward as planned.  The subcontractors, all selected by Graybeale, did a great job.

Although we had few change orders, throughout the construction process we were given the opportunity to have input.  We were made aware of the upcoming schedule and given a time frame in which to make decisions. For example, when it was time to paint the interior, we were given the opportunity to try several combinations of paints and colors and were not rushed to make decisions we were not prepared to make.

We do not believe you could find a company with more committed, ethical, and professional leadership.  We would recommend Graybeale for any construction project, large or small, knowing that they will not accept a job unless they are absolutely sure they will do an outstanding job!