I want to sincerely thank you for everything Graybeale has done for EVB this year.  You and your staff have been extraordinarily pleasant to work with but that is the top of the iceberg. We have used Graybeale for major projects because of the exceptionally high quality of the product, the professional method in which the work was performed, competitive pricing and amazingly accurate schedules.  I must compliment your project people on their efficiency and cooperation.  Both Jim and Mark bent over backwards to accommodate our changes and coordinate other vendors.

I called upon Graybeale for two unusual projects.  When a car drove into the lounge of our Kilmarnock Branch, Mark dropped everything to join me to secure the premises and initiate planning the repairs.  The result was excellent.  When the guy wires of our Windmill Branch snapped, you personally and your crew arrived even before I could.  We learned more about windmills than we might have wanted but your staff displayed in depth construction knowledge, out of the box creativity, and diligence to get this major symbol of our presence in Mechanicsville back in operation.

Flattery is cheap.  The best indicator satisfaction is that we continue to use Graybeale and are eager for future projects together.  I am most appreciative.